Monday, April 5, 2010

Randoms from end of March

Powder Coating on one of Wayne's General Tanks

JJ putting some finishes on MB5Moby

White Garelli VIP

We're building up a Garelli VIP. Powdercoating things White is hell.
Anything floating around this filthy shop that can land on the part seems to.

Whitewall tires, and a filthy jump suit.

Starting to come together.

We're doing a pretty modest engine build on this one. Porting the stock jug, and running a simonini exhaust.
Expect it finished and up for sale around the end of the month.

Finishing my SF Vespa V9A

This was my bike at the end of last race season.

Sort of glorious in it's own fucked-up way. Frame twisted, spray-painted, sticker covered, multiple tears in the body, clutch wasted... It still started on one kick, and went fast. I rode it to band practice on the freeway twice a week.

Everything stripped down...

Body Work finished, body filler over low spots.

Primed, then 3 hours of sanding.

Powdercoated everything but the frame.

Painted, coming together.

Stickers by Miguel Rivera.


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