Monday, February 15, 2010

Building Shawn's 103 Pt.1

Today I built a Peugeot 103 engine for Shawn Kilmer's project bike.

It came to the shop in a box, fully dis
assembled. Spray painted brown. Engine rusted to death, gas tank full of chunks. Crank Case cracked on the clutch side.

New engine will have nos stock crank inside of new 3-port cases with a gila kit. A tomos reed block with the metal petals replaced with carbon ones, and a sha carb with a mixture screw.
t will be a Gianelli.

This s
hould be a moderately powered and semi-reliable build.

The chunks have been cleaned from the tank with some loose nuts and bolts and a jug of Muriatic acid.

The cases, kit, and intake all had huge casting flaws, so the first half of the day was spent cleaning and smoothing everything with the dremel.

Get everything lined up!

Green c
rusty points. Replace those.

Bosch feeder coil makes it spark. Ready for external hi-coil and condenser.

Starter clutch shoes are completely stuck.

D-40 and some fire got them loose.

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