Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Builds #1 Bruno's 103

I want to focus on some old builds today.

Bruno's 103

Bruno bought this 103 from a local scooter shop
. The engine was all stock, but expertly rebuilt.
unately the frame was almost completely rusted through. It has been patched on the bottom with JB weld,
and had a dellorto sticker covering rust holes by the gas cap.
Also, Bruno is a big old dude. A stock 103 didn't carry him around very well.

We ordered a NOS 103 frame from 77, had it painted a one-off version of 103SP green by JJ Herzog, and had Miguel Rivera make custom stickers.

To deal with the power issue, it got a Gila kit, malossi reed intake, 19mm PHBG carb, Malossi Variator, and Ninja G3 Exhaust.

The bike came out great and runs very smoothly.

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