Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Builds #2

Meet Orange Magnum. It's fast.

I built this bike for/with a lot of help from JJ Herzog. You'll hear a lot about this guy if you read my blog.
This bike was purchased almost entirely off of the Buy/Sell forum piece by piece. Frame, swing arm, tank, side covers, seat, tail pod.
JJ said he wanted it to look like an orange RD he had years ago.
Miguel Rivera did the chrome stickers, and JJ did the paint.

I built up a kickstart E-50 Motor ported and bored to match the 75cc Gilardoni reed-valve kit. It has a 24mm Flat slide Mikuni carb and a Motomatic destroyer pipe. It runs a standard CDI ignition for street riding, and an internal rotor ignition on the track. It has a new crank, but I honestly can't remember what one I put in it. Also a 3 shoe clutch with wicked heavy springs.
All of the wiring is hiding in the side cover. This thing is not really a moped, but a twist-and-go motorcycle based on a moped.

The front end is made for a new Tomos, so the tube is way too long to fit in a magnum fork tube. The threads don't even come close to making it down. We had to cut and weld the tube with a metal spacer inside for reinforcement. If I had been making a blog back then, I would have some cool pictures to go with these words.
Anyways, we ended up with a real hydraulic front end with a real disc brake... and spoked wheels. Nice.

JJ came up with the recessed tail light, and the final design for the foot pegs. He really deserves a ton of credit for this build.

Here are some more pictures.

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