Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First off, I love the guys at 1977 mopeds. They go out of their way for me all of the time, and speak with me almost daily. I currently have three giant orders somewhere in the mail coming from them. They don't have the buying power to keep everything in stock, so they drop ship a lot of stuff direct from the dealer. Still, I wish these boxes would finally get here. Most of this bike is in the mail somewhere.

This started as a Le Moped frame. It's getting a front end, swingarm, and wheels from an MB5. The swingarm is in the mail somewhere.

Awesome. Brand new Doppler crank from Treats.

The crank inside of some Polini cases. Polini kit and hi comp head.
That's a big intake.

Basic maintenance is less fun then building fast race bikes, but it pays rent.
Here's a wire that got cut inside of a ciao fender. Who can guess how much time I wasted trying to find this?

These carbs are Shit. The hole for the idle jet is clogged up with bits of bad aluminum casting. I've ordered three and two were bad in some way.

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