Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small Frame Vespa Clutches

This is the clutch that I pulled out of my engine. It has one year of daily driving on it. My engine isn't putting out anything close to the power of most of the bikes coming to the track this year. It wont be. I want to ride it on the street and keep it together after i'm done with a race. This being said, if I do anything impressive in this years scooter racing class, I'll find some sort of riding ability in me.
These clutches have three thin plates, a cork lining, and a wimpy spring. Perfect for a stock 125 that is intended to max out around 50mph.

This year i'll be running a 4 plate clutch with six springs. Six springs even out the tension and provide quite a bit more tension. The cork is replaced with carbon on this guy. Hopefully it will hold up against the type of riding i'll be doing.

The woodruff key couldn't be any smaller.

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