Saturday, March 13, 2010

MB5 Suspension on Motobecane

Since we put the MB5 Front end on this moby, we decided to make the swing arm fit with the matching rear wheel. It's quite a bit longer and the sprocket sits quite a bit further out from the wheel. JJ did some nice welding.

Clip on Handlebars made from an old triple tree top, and some pipe. All JJ's idea.
Again, nice welds, JJ.

Pretty nice so far. The rear sprocket holds a 420 chain. The front sprocket holds a 415 chain.
A dished Moby rear sprocket welded to the stock MB5 sprocket fixes the chain alignment, and chain pitch problems.

My LeoVince SF pipe. Powdered red for practice.

SF engine coming together. New shift cross, rear axle bearing, gasket set, and clutch will get this ready for the year.

I've been busy, and my bench shows it.

One week left before the first race, and my scooter hasn't been painted.

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